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At Trust Systems we understand that the business is ALL about people, whether it’s the team here at Trust, our Suppliers, Partners and of course our Customers, that’s why we have a few core values that we believe help guide us on the way.


We have split things down to Behaviors and Values

Behaviors - Core to the business is the cultural ethos and behavior of each team member

Team Player

-I go out of my way to help colleagues improve their skills
-I am aware of my impact on others
-I am open with information and share relevant experiences, expertise and knowledge
-I proactively look for opportunities to assist other teams and departments
-I contribute positively in team meetings
-I support my colleagues when they are being courageous in order to make things better



-I show bags of enthusiasm and energy in my job
-When situations are tough I remain upbeat
-I like change – it creates opportunities
-I go to my manager with solutions not problems
-I look for opportunities to make my colleagues happy
-I give credit to and praise my colleagues for a job well done



-I turn ideas into action
-I am always looking at ways that we could make improvements
-I think about creative solutions to pre-existing problems
-I challenge the norm constructively and try to find new and better ways of doing things
-I love learning and am always looking to improve my skills
-I ask ‘why’ a lot and am curious about how the business works 


Excellence in Service

-I take personal responsibility to get things right for customers

-I put loads of energy and time into meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations

-I always approach things from the customer’s perspective seeing potential issues and finding solutions
-I come up with realistic suggestions about what the team and department can could do to improve the service to customers


Values - What we live and work by its our culture and the Trust way


Work hard

-I set myself really stretching targets and do everything that I can to hit them
-I go outside of my job role to take on extra responsibility
-When I commit to things, I deliver
-I maintain my own motivation even when things are tough       



-I treat all customers with respect, even the tricky ones!
-I welcome new people into the organisation
-I challenge others if I see them treat a colleague unfairly
-I show empathy to my colleagues and customers



-I constantly think about how and what I need to do to keep things simple
-I make suggestions for improvements to how things can be made simple
-I communicate ideas constructively and try to find ways of avoiding future problems by thinking of every eventuality
-I try to think creatively to get better results for our customers



-I hold my hands up if I make a mistake
-I say sorry to others when I am in the wrong
-I always seek to understand where I could improve my behaviors; I understand that I am not perfect!
-I receive feedback in a positive way, even if it is unexpected
-I put the needs of the wider team beyond my own
-I take work very seriously, not myself!


To download our Behaviors and Values click here  

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