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PixelPin, secure 2-Factor authentication with no passwords

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One Picture. Four Points. No Passwords.

PixelPin enables businesses to have an authentication system that is more secure than passwords.

Users can enjoy the same login experience on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

PixelPin is easy to use, engaging and secure.



General Features:

Simple registration to verified email addresses
Secure two-factor authentication
Multi Tenancy Cloud Based
Omni – Channel allowing multiple devices
Load Balanced for enhanced performance
Native iOS/Android libraries and web solution
Active Global Geo Replication allowing multi location
Metrics package with detailed analytics for tech support  


Key Security Features:

100% TLS protected connections, 100% database data encryption using AES-256 and SHA512
High-availability database stored and protected in the cloud at Microsoft Azure.
Security tested by GCHQ accredited company IRM

Business Benefits:

Cost-effective to integrate, OAuth2 and OpenID Connect.
Reduces password reset costs, decreasing operational costs
Software-based giving all users the same secure
login experience.
Increases branding opportunities, enhancing the visual experience for customers.
Provides an advanced level of security reducing the risks of server-side hacking.
Strengthens customer engagement by improving user journey experience.

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Download the “What is 2- Factor Authentication pdf”




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