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Leverage hosted IT services to meet your business needs today, tomorrow, and in the future


We will reduce your capital costs and increase service to the business users harnessing Cloud enabled services and applications




At Trust we aren’t really happy with the phrase “Cloud”, no-one knows exactly what it means to them, so they don’t know what they are buying.


Our range of “On” and “Off” Premise IT solutions are exactly that, IT services delivered to your business which can be on or off premise. 


Let’s face it, your business users need access to applications and data, as long as its fast, reliable and secure does it really matter where the services are run from?



Primarily there are 3 options to choose from:


“Off Premise” fully hosted platform model (totally hands off and leaves your team available to manage the service delivery)

“On Premise” infrastructure that can be supported by your team or ours

“Hybrid” the most common, a phased approach where as a hardware refresh is due we deliver some of your applications as a hosted “Off Premise” service and some remain “On Premise”

We can fully manage the systems “totally hands off”, or again commonly we manage the hardware layer and your team manage the applications, again we are flexible, what matters is that it works for your business and your team 




Our Hosted services are constantly growing and include:



Application delivery via XenApp

Centrally deploy and manage specific applications to users desktops


Desktop via XenDesktop

Centrally deploy and manage the business desktop


Virtualised Server and Storage (Securely Shared or Dedicated)

Reduce your Capital outlay and rent the infrastructure as a service


Wifi and Managed Switching

Controllerless, centralised administration and control for your LAN


Web Filtering

Securing your business and workforce from the darker elements of the Internet


Wireless Landing pages and “Splash Portals”

Monetising your WiFi in Retail, or using it for business efficiency like Time and Attendance



As a managed service (hosted) or on premise for you to support and maintain


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