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Customer Satisfaction Survey Report

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020 Full Report

Following our recent customer satisfaction survey please find below a summary of the results. We pride ourselves on being customer centric and are constantly looking at ways we can improve and enhance our service and offering. The results will be used to direct continuous improvement plans for the business. 

Ease of doing business:

Satisfaction of support cases are handled:

Solution delivery:

Project Management:

Understand business needs:

Management team:

Value for money:

Satisfaction of speed support calls are answered:

Customer service team knowledge:

Accounts & Invoicing:

Knowledge of sales team:

Policies and procedures:


rated us better against other solution and service providers.


All respondents agreed that we provided regular service review meetings and that the content for the meeting covers what they need

We had a few comments including…. 

‘The whole team are very good’

‘Excellent company to deal with’

‘Responsive and technologically at the forefront’

‘Trust has grown with our business and has adapted to meet our needs’

‘Good knowledge of the solution in place’

‘Good and collaborative’

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