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Customer Satisfaction Survey Results 2021

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Customer Satisfaction Survey Results 2021

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results 2021

Following our recent Customer Satisfaction Survey please find below a summary of the results. We pride ourselves on being customer-centric and are constantly looking at ways we can improve and enhance our service and offerings. The results will be used to direct continuous improvement plans for the business.

When asked how likely they are to recommend us a third replied 100%-90% with the remaining selecting 80% and 70%.

100% Feel they have a reliable point of contact within Trust.

When asked to rate the knowledge of our teams all respondents were between Very Satisfied and Somewhat Satisfied.

When asked if they were aware of the following technology, solutions and services that we offer:

100% were aware of our Service Desk, Consultancy, WiFi/Networking and Network Infrastructure Management offering. 87.5% were aware of our Cyber Security offering and 62.5% knew we offered Cloud Datacentre Deployment. 50% were aware we offered Digital Signage and Mobile POS and Payments. Only 37.5% knew we provided Mobile Device Management.