Rethink, Retune, Regain your business with Acceleration

How can you flex, add, deploy and manage digital changes at pace?…

‘While different companies had different estimates, there was a general consensus that a minimum of 3 years of technological progress in retail happened in around six months.’*

How as a retailer do you make sure you can flex, add, deploy and manage digital changes at pace?

Can your existing infrastructure support this level of agility? What is the role of shops in an arena when online spend has increased by 20%*?

This is an exciting crossroads where retailers have the pressure and the desire to change. It is time to truly focus on the customer and their experience, therefore, looking at all the touchpoints this impacts. Cost-effective, digital solutions are at the epicentre of delivering this whether it is for essential retail to enhance brand loyalty or non-essential retail to aid the reinvention of the store to complement a truly omni-channel experience.


We are working with a large food retailer to deploy and manage our Digital Signage Solution across their store estate of 1000+. Fundamental to ROI and an effective rollout is that we truly understand that a Digital Signage Solution is more than simply putting up a screen. Crucial to its success is the flexibility of how to use it along with the agility to amend content.

Let’s flip that to a non-essential store, the model still works. Customers will return to stores, but for a different reason. For the experience. Digital Signage provides that theatre and with flexible technology it works as a showroom window, changing room, and much more. Content can be pushed in many guises to support your store strategy.

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*source: McDonald Butler’s Retail Big Reset, The Wrap-up’