Rethink, Retune, Regain your business with Mobile

Mobile devices are here to stay as consumers become more and more reliant on them…
McDonald Butler’s paper shared ‘Go Mobile or Go Home’ as mobile uptake within retail had seen five years’ worth of acceleration in one year. Miya Knight’s advice to retailers planning for 2021 is to focus on mobile as the “gateway” to both increased growth and engagement. Mobile devices are here to stay as consumers become more and more reliant on them for banking, social, managing their home devices, fitness and much more. This has been exacerbated with the pandemic therefore tapping into the power of mobile is an opportunity retailers do not want to miss.  


For example, our Guest WiFi Solution provides you with the means to talk and share with your customers on their personal devices. This can be when they are in the store, or when they leave. The key is personalisation and relevance. Combine this with your other digital assets such as Digital Signage and the experience is enhanced further. Our retail customer has 6 million customers that have logged into their Guest WiFi Solution, imagine the intel this provides and the opportunity to engage? Mobile devices are also there to streamline the stores operation. Once your business has invested in mobile technology for your stores you can truly create a store in your in-store colleague’s hand. Imagine your in-store colleague is carrying out a gap walk on their mobile device, a customer interrupts and asks about a product, your colleague can swipe and access product information, the customer then asks if you have any stock in the store, with a swipe your colleague can check and show the customer where the stock is. Your customer says ‘great I will take one of those’ and your colleague swipes to Mobile Payments and the transaction is complete and your colleague swipes to return to their gap walk. Seamless, efficient and a happy customer.    

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  *source: McDonald Butler’s Retail Big Reset, The Wrap-up’