Rethink, Retune, Regain your business with Safety

We have seen that in 2020 retailers have had to react to ever-changing…
McDonald Butler summarises: ‘Customer-centricity doesn’t get more serious than customer safety’. Simple! We have seen that in 2020 retailers have had to react to ever-changing and time-sensitive guidelines. How flexible has your technology been to support these changes?


A working example of this was during the changes in guidelines relating to the pandemic. The guidelines for Wales needed to be updated specifically to that region. We were able to deploy key messaging across their Digital Signage Solution across their store estate specific to Wales within an hour. This clearly demonstrates the flexibility and benefits of the fully managed and supported Digital Signage Solution. Using Digital Signage coupled with sending messages directly to their devices ensures clear messaging is provided at the right places for customers to understand and follow the guidance. This in turn supports safeguarding employees as customers act in accordance with safety guidelines protecting your team.  

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  *source: McDonald Butler’s Retail Big Reset, The Wrap-up’