Rethink, Retune, Regain your business with Supply Chain

Remember consumers are looking for that ultimate customer experience…
The term shared at NRF was ‘Demand-Chain’. Ultimately, consumers go to a retailer to buy something. If the item they desire is not in stock this results in disappointment and the consumer reverting to another retailer and perhaps reducing brand loyalty. All things a retailer cannot afford. Having the right stock available, the means to get the right stock or even the ability to show when the stock will be in changes the experience from feeling let down to feeling looked after. Remember consumers are looking for that ultimate customer experience.


We are working with retailers to help and support the Stock Management of their stores using mobile technology. We would go as far as to say we are providing retailers in-store colleagues with a store in their hand. For example, our customer with over 1000 stores implemented our Mobile Stock Management Solution. We rolled the solution out within 6 weeks, consisting of devices, Mobile Device Management and the Stock Management Solution for in-store colleagues to use. Since the original rollout, we have doubled the number of devices across the store estate due to the benefits the business has reaped from the solution, technology and service.   In this scenario, the in-store colleague is essential to ensuring the customer experience. These members of your team are the face of your customer experience. Any tools, training, information that helps them feel empowered, removes frustrations, enhances efficiencies and provides the means to help them serve your customers results in an engaged workforce and a happy customer.  

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  *source: McDonald Butler’s Retail Big Reset, The Wrap-up’