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WiFi Wednesday | How your wireless network could be hindering your strategy

WiFi Wednesday | How your wireless network could be hindering your strategy

This week our resident expert Andrew Fox explores how your wireless network could be hindering your strategy to put customers at the forefront plus adding a burden to staff and budgets.


We read every day how the world is accelerating into digital and amongst all this excitement and innovation businesses are forgetting that ultimately an agile digital-first model needs a high performing, reliable, secure WiFi solution to provide ubiquitous coverage at your locations. We take a look at the benefits businesses are missing by not ensuring they innovate their WiFi solution.


Businesses are seeing changes in how the network is used, with more devices connected to the network, higher bandwidth applications, as well as a highly distributed workforce. These changes can impact business resources, both in budget and staffing, so the network must be designed for agility. This means providing wireless that puts your customers at the forefront of the WiFi 6 standard, along with the wired infrastructure needed to deliver on user expectations. We explore the benefits of helping businesses prepare for the future with one network, one operating system, and simplicity at scale.


We see the right wireless network delivering:

  1. Less complexity for a lean IT team. Easier to manage with one common operating system for wired and wireless. 
  2. Enhanced security by deploying consistent security features across your access network.
  3. Better performance as bandwidth is optimised for wireless traffic and maximize the performance of existing infrastructure with WiFi 6/6E compatible access points, controllers, and multigigabit switches.
  4. Higher availability – Easily configure your wireless to minimise downtime, with redundancy and reliability built into the hardware.
  5. Better experience – With compatible hardware and software that all speak the same language, management is simpler. Add the ground-breaking visibility with a central management dashboard, and it is easier than ever to optimise the network and deliver a better experience for both users and IT.


Until the end of April, we are offering businesses a FREE network initial assessment aimed to advise on what is working and what needs improving. Act fast as we only have a limited number of slots.

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Written by Andrew Fox | andrew.fox@trustsystems.co.uk

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