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WiFi Wednesday Key benefits of effective wifi website

WiFi Wednesday | Key Benefits of Effective WiFi

WiFi Wednesday | Key Benefits of Effective WiFi

This week our resident expert Andrew Fox explores the key benefits of an effective WiFi Solution.

  1. Maximise Mobility and Accessibility
    One key benefit of having an effective WiFi network is that it can ensure your people and operational devices stay connected whenever or wherever you are ensuring your teams can access the applications and data required to maximise performance without being constrained by a wired connection and receiving the required level of bandwidth and performance. It’s important to have this network flexibility, reliability and assurance so that application and data can be accessed seamlessly whilst ensuring network access security policies are in place to provide the right level of control. The importance of effective WiFi has become even higher on the agenda with the growth in hybrid working and flexible working spaces and the demand for real-time sensitive bandwidth-hungry applications such as video and voice highlights the need for businesses to ensure the WiFi network can deliver to the expectation of a modern workplace and digital users.
  2. Increase Productivity
    Having a strong WiFi network will able your employees, and guests, to optimise their working time in a modern flexible workplace. It will also promote collaboration across your business which helps boost employee engagement and workplace satisfaction, in turn increasing productivity. Effective WiFi also enables an increasing number of smart digital devices plus IoT and OT sensors providing a platform to gather and harness real-time data to feed insight and drive business decisions.
  3. Increased Customer Experience
    With an effective WiFi network, you can deliver your customers a truly digital experience. Whether you’re a retailer or a hospitality business you aim to please your customers and hope that they return. Fill the offline gap of the digital customer journey with enterprise WiFi and understand their offline behaviours, identify the ideal audience, send the right message at the right time and grow customer lifetime value to grow your customer loyalty and spend.
  4. Security 
    With an increase in cyber-threat attacks surfacing from hybrid working, Guest WiFi access, and the increase of digital devices and corporate BYOD strategy the need for better security is critical. Therefore, there is a need to ensure your WiFi is providing the right security posture for your business ensuring the correct level of Network Access Control with a layered approach through SASE architecture. Importantly keeping your business assets secure, compliant and operational.
  5. Enable Expansion
    An effective WiFi network makes it much easier to manage the growth of your business providing flexibility and agility to avoid the constant need to re-cable offices, offering the ability to manage, control and change network policies through cloud-controlled platforms. as well as having the agility to be able to respond to the ever-changing market needs.


Trust Systems are a Digital Solution Integrator with the capability and skills to provide a full 24/7 managed network solution to meet your business needs. Typically, our engagement starts with a full review and audit of a customer’s network, issues and strategy to help provide a network and WiFi solution that is fit for purpose.
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Written by Andrew Fox | andrew.fox@trustsystems.co.uk

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