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eSim - connecting your business applications to the strongest available network.

When delivering Mobile Digital Technology we can give you a reliable Mobile Data Solution

With IoT analytics predicting the number of connected IoT devices will grow from 8.3bn in 2019 to 21.5bn by 2025 we challenge traditional purchase methods for mobile data with our eSim offering powered by Jola.

Our cost effective, innovative solution will provide robust coverage and enhance usage of data across your business therefore reducing the cost to your business for mobile data. When digitalising your business mobile data is essential giving a consistent level of service across your business whether you have WiFi blackspots, remote locations or require back-up to potential downtime.

The eSim solution gives you a flexible, robust service. It gives you access to a Multinet Global IoT Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). The service delivers a reliable, flexible and cost-effective mobile data access solution. The solution is suitable for any application that requires wireless internet or private network access virtually anywhere in the world.

With access to over 700 networks in over 190 countries wherever the SIM is in the world it is always roaming and able to connect to the strongest available network.

If you are struggling to get the right data to the right business device or feel your costs are out of control or feel stuck in a 24 month deal then speak to us today and understand how our eSim offering can save you money whilst providing a better service.

eSIM Features

  • Provision of a Private APN with an un-steered roaming SIM with a Fixed Private IP address.
  • 4G L2TP connectivity when supplying 4G as failover.
  • Once an eSIM is in the device, you will NEVER need to swap the SIM card to change networks. This radically reduces costs and gives your business control.
  • Ability to provide 4G and then 5G directly onto eSIMs already distributed around the asset when available.
  • Option to add a customised 4G Network name.
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