Aerohive Webinar 5th July

The New Best Practice for Improving Access and Control

Join this free online workshop and see how to better manage different user groups and devices across your wireless and wired network – simplifying user experience and improving IT’s control.

While BYOD & Guest access solutions have been around for a while, many organisations still struggle with implementation, unable to meet original intentions or match access ease with security – meaning low control for IT, or high friction for users. Our network experts will round-up the practical policies and technology advancements that can help deliver success today:

  • The critical need for managing different users/devices differently!
  • Practical strategies for BYOD at scale, including easier 802.1X certificate provisioning and self-registration
  • The best Guest tools including CWP, social log-in and employee sponsorship that better link to IT control policies
  • Role based access strategies – assigning VLANs via RADIUS, QoS and application permission/denial by need
  • How to enforce all security policies over the entire network, from the cloud
Date: Friday 5th July

Time: 10:00 – 10:45 AEST – ANZ Session

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