The Impact of Covid-19 – What’s Next?

We explore what is next for Retailers in light of the impact of Covid-19…

It is without doubt that retailers are working on a strategy for ‘what is next’. The need to remodel operations and practices to meet new ways of shopping, the changes in consumer demand, the need to consolidate and reduce costs and the prerequisite to instil brand loyalty is at the forefront. Daily we read news about the impact of the virus, what retailers should be doing to survive, but we also read how leading retailers are innovating and adapting quickly to ensure they continue to have a place in a difficult marketplace.

Technology has a role to play in providing retailers the means to innovate and stay relevant quickly whilst ensuring they have a foundation to ignite their transformation for continued success. The following discusses how to balance the immediate response you need to be working on in order to be back in the game, but also how you can springboard into the future with a winning strategy.

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