Webinar: SaaS, Why is it so important?

Watch on-demand: SaaS, Why is it so important?

Webinar | Learn & Level Up | SaaS, Why is it so important?


  • Andrew Fox: Sale Director, Trust Systems
  • Chris Wortt: Specialist at ThousandEyes, Cisco

In this webinar hear from ThousandEyes Specialist Chris Wortt as he shows the benefits of Cisco ThousandEyes End User Monitoring. As well as this Network Expert Andrew Fox shows a short demo of the application.

Other benefits of Cisco ThousandEyes include:

Support your digital workforce – Gain visibility into remote workforce experience and enable IT help desks to solve problems faster.

Solve app experience issues – Monitor employee interactions with web-based applications to facilitate good experience and productivity.

See end-to-end connectivity – Visualise network paths from user device to WiFi access point, ISPs, and VPN gateways to SaaS, and internal applications.