Why Cloud First Networking Matters in Retail

The second in the power of a Managed Cloud Network series…

Why Cloud First Networking Matters in Retail

Having the better product is not enough to retain customers. Even the most recognised national brands can lose customers at the local level because the outlet across the street has better WiFi and an app to order in advance. Becoming a cloud-first enterprise is a journey enabling the technologies of today deliver the future store. Firstly, what do we mean by cloud-first networking? Simply, when your organisation is cloud-first it means that the majority of your network is cloud-based. This difference matters because many organisations have been taking a piecemeal approach to cloud networking, only migrating certain parts of their network infrastructure rather than making cloud networking the backbone of the entire enterprise. A cloud-first network delivers efficiency, automation, security, and intelligence at scale. Here are some specific benefits for retailers:
Number 1

Easily scale from one store to thousands with global visibility  

Minimised onsite infrastructure (no controllers, NVRs, or other pesky ‘boxes’) and configuration templates to ensure you can scale for big and small.

Number 2

Keep sensitive data secure and streamline your Level 1 PCI audit  

Third party auditing and penetration testing, plus user-scheduled, over-the-air firmware updates ensure sensitive customer and financial data stay private.

Number 3

Built-in compliance checking to validate network configuration 

Enforce encryption and apply security policies on end devices, plus remote wipe devices to protect sensitive data in the event it’s lost or stolen.

Number 4

Provide an unforgettable in-store experience  

Wireless and video-based location analytics help you understand customer behaviour patterns at store locations. Customise the guest WiFi experience with branded splash pages and social media integration, plus targeted mobile ads.

Number 5

Keep an eye on everything from a single dashboard  

Quickly identify key surveillance events and mitigate product loss with IoT and cameras. Keep tabs on company-owned devices with powerful endpoint management and bluetooth tracking.

Number 6

Protect your brand and your customers 

Identify network threats early and keep them at bay with retrospective security alerts and powerful content filtering. Never damage your brand by becoming a victim of cyber attacks.

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