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Check out our list of events delving into how technology can help deliver your business strategy.

Retail Tomorrow

7th & 8th March
The Four Seasons Hotel, Hampshire

The event that senior retailers wanted

Retail Tomorrow is back for its third year. This over night event gets technology providers closer to senior retail leaders. Through a strategic collaboration Trust and WonderLane will be hosting a workshop to present the truly ‘Digitally Connected Colleague and Connected Customer’.

Guest Wifi

Wednesday 3rd April 2019
2:00 PM- 2.45 GMT

Make guest WiFi work for your company and customers

As brick-and-mortar businesses strive to best meet customer expectations, delivering relevant personalized customer experiences is more important than ever. That’s where guest WiFi comes in. With guest WiFi, enterprises can easily enhance the customer experience at their locations.

In this webinar, you will learn how to design guest WiFi services that work for your company and customers. We will discuss how to:

  • Be compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Provide a secure connection with fast, reliable login
  • Beautifully design branded splash pages enriched with smart content – such as surveys, coupons, and advertising
  • Reduce IT burden and operational expenditures
  • Get the most out of guest WiFi with location services.

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Attendees may also be eligible to receive a FREE Volare Sense – our new WiFi and Bluetooth sensor – and see the magic of location services.

Aerohive Webinar

Thursday 11th April 2019
11:00 - 11:45 BST / 12:00 - 12:45 CEST

Get ahead with the Aerohive Webinar regarding WiFi 6 devices

Wi-Fi 6/802.11ax compatible phones and laptops have now been announced by manufacturers and are shipping soon to a network near you. Is your Wi-Fi set to cope with these devices and deliver the expected experience for users?

Join the Aerohive Wi-Fi 6 webinar to find out all you need to know to prepare your network. The webinar covers:

  • Wi-Fi 6 devices – what are they, where and when will they hit networks?
  • How is it working today? See examples of Wi-Fi 6 deployments live in the real world – and the benefits now for legacy client devices
  • What’s still to happen with Wi-Fi 6? Get an update on IEEE and Wi-Fi Alliance certification and standard releases
  • What are the key differences to Wi-Fi 5 and 4 (your current network)?

All the technical considerations for futureproofing your network
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Cloud-Managed Network

Thursday 25th April
11:00 - 11:45 BST / 12:00 - 12:45 CEST

The Benefits of Cloud-Managed Network Access Control

Join this webinar and see first-hand how Aerohive A3 will help you more effectively secure your network vs traditional approaches and solutions. Aerohive A3 is the first Network Access Control (NAC) solution that can be managed from the cloud – radically simplifying deployments and streamlining day-to-day operations. It protects the access network from cyber security threats and breaches, by controlling and securing all devices on the network, including standard wireless and wired clients, plus IoT and BYOD.

The webinar will provide:

  • Example use cases and benefits of cloud-managed NAC
  • A3 core functionality, including onboarding, guest management, 802.1X authentication and policy enforcement.
  • How to address IoT risks posed by known and unknown devices
  • New usability features that reduce operational complexity.
  • Plus a live demo of Aerohive A3 in action.

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