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Temperature Management

Trust Systems has partnered with Swift Sensors to be able to offer Real Time Temperature Monitoring.

Wastage is a real problem faced today by retailers on chilled and frozen food. Many freezers can stop working, usually out of hours, when limited staff are available or through human error when power gets switched off by mistake.

Why should you choose Swift Sensors Real Time Temperature Management?

What are Swift Sensors?

Swift Sensors is a system of small wireless devices that proactively manage your critical equipment. There are 3 main parts:

  1. Sensors. Sensors are small wireless devices that easily attach to your equipment to measure things like temperature, humidity, door access, vibration, water presence, etc.
  2. Thresholds. Thresholds are the specific ranges you set for particular measurements you want to monitor. For example, you might set a threshold of 45 degrees for your walk-in cooler to make sure the temperature doesn’t rise too high.
  3. Notifications. Notifications are alerts that are sent when certain thresholds are met. Many of our restaurant clients want to receive notifications for situations where a walk-in temperature goes above 45 degrees for more than 1 hour.

Swift Sensors minimize food spoilage and improve food safety. Most important, Swift Sensors provides an extra layer of protection for your brand and reputation.

Improve Efficiency

By using real time temperature monitoring you can improve your cold or hot temperature management by monitoring at regular intervals and use the advisory data to demonstrate measures are in place to control a major food safety hazard.

Reduce expenditure

By proactively managing Freezer / Refrigerator and hot temperatures in real time 24×7 you are able to set up thresholds that will alert you when a device has stopped working or when the temperature starts fluctuating which can sometimes be an early warning sign in a fridge / freezer that the compressor is about to stop working or hot plate or light isn’t keeping the food at the right food standard temperature. By removing the time consuming manual intervention, the temperature is recorded automatically saving time which equates to a saving.


This solution is one of the most cost effective retro fit solutions available in the market today with a 3-5-year battery life with a full customisation of cloud based interface, which can be fully managed by Trust if needed.

Be Proactive

If you’re not logged in to a cloud based interface an email or SMS alert will get sent to several contacts so they can go into the shop and move the stock to eliminate costly wastage and when serving hot food keep track that food is at the right temperature. The same device can be installed in Cold chain companies transport, warehouse, walk-in freezer and refrigerators where you need to be alerted if there is a temperature failure, so they can be proactive in real time and take immediate action.



Real Time Monitoring

  • Real time temperature data – Monitor temperature in freezers / refrigerators in one or multiple locations in real time at regular intervals.
  • Get alerted – Set temperature threshold based on the asset and get alerted when the temperature goes beyond the threshold.
  • Monitoring History – History of assets temperature reading is logged in the cloud storage which can be downloaded as a compliance report.
  • Reporting – Cloud based portal you can log into and create alert thresholds, add staff email and mobile numbers and create advisory reports to demonstrate measures are in place to control a major food safety hazard.

Swift Sensor Clients


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