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Trailer Tracking

Trailer Tracking with Swift Sensors GPS Transportation Bridge allows an organisation to:

  • Improve trailer location / availability data on site
  • Analyse route data to help reduce late delivery fines
  • Track trailers that have no power, on and off site
  • Report and find stolen trailers in real time
  • Add sensors to monitor humidity and temperature
  • Add sensors to monitor vibration
  • Add sensors to manage when door is opened

The Transportation bridge uses a cellular network to send the data it collects to the cloud based interface. You can add additional Swift Sensors to monitor doors being opened, temperature, humidity and vibration.

All sensor data transmitted from the Swift Sensors 1030 Transportation Bridge are stored with the correlated GPS coordinates from the Bridge.  This allows simultaneous viewing of the measurement data and the GPS location data on a Google Map.  Use this feature to track the location and travel path of a vehicle with sensors monitoring the temperature and humidity of the contents inside the vehicle.

Quickly identify root causes of measurements exceeding thresholds based upon locations, travel routes, or extended stationary periods. Another key functionality of Truck tracker is the device is solar powered and mounted on top of an unpowered trailer.

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