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Sentinel One – Enpoint protection for unknown attacks that can work on top for you existing AV protection for known attacks.

When critical endpoints are exposed, we’re all vulnerable. There’s more than data and dollars at stake. From healthcare systems and infrastructure to personal information, attackers know no limits. In a borderless world only makes us more vulnerable. That’s why SentinelOne is needed.

SentinelOne doesn’t need any prior knowledge of an attack to detect it and remediate it. That’s because we apply machine learning and AI to continuously outflank attackers. Always evolving with the ever-changing threat landscape, the SentinelOne platform is ready to stop types of attacks that don’t yet exist. So people can work, live, and use technology free from threats and unencumbered by intrusive security.

Malware Access Denied. Keep known and unknown malware and other bad programs out of endpoints. SentinelOne combines dynamic whitelisting and blacklisting with advanced static prevention in the form of deep file inspection to block threats before they have a chance to impact your endpoints.

Detect and Contain Threats. Lightweight agent monitors all activity and applies machine learning to dynamically detect the most advanced attacks, including exploits, fileless, and sophisticated malware. Upon detection of a new threat, SentinelOne stops its progress by disconnecting the infected device from the network.

Immunize Endpoints. Use policy-based mitigation to respond to incidents. After stopping attacks, quickly rollback modifications and auto-immunize your endpoints. A 360-degree view of endpoints and threats from inception to termination powers forensics and policy enforcement.




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