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Captivate your customers with engaging visual content, offers and important information.

With our digital signage solutions, we can give you the ability to enhance your brand loyalty and therefore increase sales. Grabbing your audience’s attention with immersive customer experience has never been so simple. The delivery of our smart content digital signage solution is much more than a screen. We offer a fully managed service with centralized content and device management. We consider the housing of the screens, ensuring any retrofits look part of the original design. Our expertise in providing a solution and not hardware ensures you deliver value to your stores and customers.

Helping you command your customers’ attention
We design, deploy and manage customised digital signage solutions. We can help you get ready to engage and connect with your audience, thanks to our partnership with Samsung – who produce the leading, complete SMART Signage solution.

Precisely Target Customers
Digital signage has a 52% recall rate with customers; that’s higher than many other media types. What’s more, 59% of people who come in contact with digital signage in multiple locations later want to learn more about the advertised topic.  

Reinforce Your Brand
Bring your brand to life with a digital display. You can update customers with real-time information, wow them with exciting visuals and video, and stay true to your organisation’s look and feel and all while saving on the total cost of ownership.

Seven Components to Successful Customer-Centric Tech

Retailers that focus on customer-centric technology are best positioned to make a faster comeback and succeed in the new retail environment.

There is no doubt retailers need to change and are changing. This year we have seen predicted trends accelerate due to the challenges Covid-19 has brought with online becoming part of the fabric of shopping. Rather than seeing this as a demise of the store, it is an opportunity to innovate and embrace change. Changing the standard retail store template is a must and begins with marrying business strategy to technology exploitation. Utilising digital, mobile and cloud technology provides retailers with the opportunity to accelerate change whilst harnessing the flexibility these technologies provide.

Trust Systems Limited working with strategic partner Samsung discusses how digital signage can provide the lever to digitally transform your stores enhancing customer experience and driving return on investment by increasing customer loyalty, sales, levels of customer understanding and much more. Ben Dowson, from Trust Systems, has worked with various well-known retailers to design, develop, deploy and manage digital transformation. He shares how in his experience getting the most from digital signage is more than simply putting a screen up and outlines 7 key components to ensure digital success.

Retail Trends and navigating the ‘New Normal’

After facing unprecedented disruption in business operations, retailers across multiple industries are in various stages of reopening in a vastly changed environment. Consumer perceptions have shifted, daily behaviours have changed and many businesses are currently exploring new ways to conduct business effectively while implementing new health guidelines and protocols around safe social distancing.

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The role of technology has never been more important than it is today, particularly for retailers that must now re-imagine the shopping experience while staying transparent and flexible as new developments arise. Digital display technology provides an immediate solution to help deliver important information clearly and accurately, from monitoring lines inside and outside the store, wayfinding and navigation, checking-out and more.

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