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Revolutionise the way you do business with our cutting-edge mobile payment solutions.

Contactless and Mobile Pay

Through our strategic partnership with Wonderlane, we offer the latest evolution in mobile payments. It’s an end-to-end solution that delivers integrated contactless and mobile payments and has the potential to revolutionise the customer experience. We ensure secure payments, while delivering convenience, cost savings and enhanced operational efficiencies.

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Plug and play setup. Simple-to-use for staff and customers. Devices are ready to use in minutes.

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Leading-edge Technology

End-to-end encryption for your security works with many leading-edge payment methods.

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Greater Value and Flexibility

Get more from your investment with Android with annual running costs typically up to 50% lower than traditional solutions.

Sure Can Pay – the latest evolution in mobile payments

The payment landscape is changing and Trust is providing retailers with a new approach. Currently retailers are running a myriad of in-store systems with various connections such as POS, keyboard, printer connections, scanners plus a payment device all usually connected by cables. Our mobile payment solution is a truly digital offering all in one device that is PCI DSS Compliant with end-to-end encryption.

With recent changes in legislation payments can be made ’pin on glass’. We have taken this change and developed our payment solution enabling retailers to accept PIN transactions on a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet, without having to set-up a standalone, dedicated PIN pad or other PIN entry device.  

Through our mobile payment solution integrated with POS, Trust deliver an end-to-end solution to revolutionise the way retail stores work enabling store colleagues to get connected and ultimately transform the customer experience. The solution ensures secure payments whilst delivering convenience, cost savings and enhances operational efficiency. This radically changes the retailers in-store systems, embracing digital transformation. 

Providing a Frictionless Payment Solution


Take Card Payments Anywhere

Our mobile payment solution changes the way in-store colleagues work as they can take payment from anywhere in the store, not just a conventional cash desk.

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Accept All Major Cards

With chip and pin or contactless payments for all major cards as well as payments through Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.

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Secure Payments

Our payment solution is PCI DSS accredited giving you reassurance that our system is designed to ensure card details are safe.

Reducing Cost and Adding Value

Reduce Costs

Save up to a 1/3 vs a traditional Payment hardware

Service v2

Reduce maintenance costs by 20%


Reduce roll-out costs by 75%

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