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How technology, store digitalisation and optimisation can help you navigate the impact of Covid-19
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Supporting Social Distancing

Our customer engagement solutions are providing essential communication and messaging tools to support retailers efforts in ensuring customers follow the 2-metre social distancing guidelines. Coupled with and helping to inform and advise customers these solutions are being utilised to aid queue management including virtual queue, where the customer receives a message when it is their time to enter the store.

  • Digital Signage – communicate to customer and staff guidelines on how to behave, support queue management and virtual queuing, aid navigation around the store, provide stock updates and support promotions, entertain and engage customers as they wait and around the store.
  • Customer Guest WiFi – Providing you the ability to connect with your customers on their own mobile device. This enables you to communicate with them throughout their time visiting the store and after. Engage with your customers by sending guidelines on how to behave, stock updates, queue management and virtual queuing, introduce gamifcation to entertain and engage them with your brand and much more. From this you have access to vast amounts of data on the behaviour of your customers from the days and times they visit your store to the demographics. This information can help with social distancing as you help advise on good/quiet times to visit the store.
  • Mobile Stock Management – have a clear picture of your stock position plus product information available on a mobile device helps your instore colleagues advise customers safely. Notify customers at the entrance points to your store of items that are out-of-stock or location of stock to save customers queuing for items you do not have and help manage social distancing in store.
  • Flexible POS and Payment solution Our POS and Payment solutions utilise Android technology. This cost-effective alternative to traditional systems enables you not only to save costs across your stores, but also enables you to adapt to changing circumstances by providing a flexible POS and payment solution to be set-up anywhere.
  • With our partner Ergonomic Solutions we can aid the need for protection in terms of point of sale protection screens and PED paddles to ensure the 2-metre guidance can be maintained.

Communicating Guidelines to Customers

In the ‘new normal’ there are many aspects you need to communicate to customers to keep them and your staff safe. For example, not to handle products, encouraging customers to shop alone, considering different ways of offering customers advice, communicating stock-outs and that certain services have been suspended. Our retail solution suite can support you with this and support changing messaging with ease as the content is managed remotely:

Digital Signage

  • Communicate to customers and staff how to behave whilst visiting your store
  • Support and aid queue management and virtual queuing
  • Provide stock updates
  • Advertise promotions
  • Entertain and capture your customers e.g gamification and videos.

Customer Guest WiFi 

  • Communication messages and information
  • Engage with them with product information, offers, provide services that can no longer be face to face
  • Entertain customers: support gamification and advertising whilst waiting in queues

Mobile Stock Management 

  • Provides a clear picture of your stock position helping manage customers expectations, but also to streamlining stock holdings
  • Instore staff have product information available on a mobile device helping them advise customers safely


Business Continuity

During this time businesses have been faced with an unprecedented requirement to meet the strains on business continuity. Our network connectivity expertise and solutions have been supporting our customers to ensure the transition to working from home has been successful and secure.

Smart Stand 

With ClearWater Hygiene we are offering retailers and venues the next level in Covid-19 protection. The integrated Smart Stand provides your business with a suite of advanced point-of-entry hygiene measures to keep businesses open whilst minimising the balance sheet impact from the pandemic. Features include an integrated thermometer, sanitiser dispenser and Track + Trace. Read more… 


Hygiene and Hand Sanitiser for Store and Warehousing

Through partnerships with ClearWater Hygiene, a liquid hand sanitiser producer and Ergonomic Solutions a mounting specialist we can help your business with hand sanitiser, handsfree stations and mounting at POS points. The use of hand sanitiser helps reduce the risk of transmission and will become a natural element of our daily lives. Find out more.


Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Holder

Working with Ergonomic we can provide a solution to support new hygiene measures in place at retailers.  The Hand Sanitiser Mount is an unobtrusive solution which doesn’t obstruct the payment or packing areas or interfere with staff-customer interactions. Read More…


SafeGuard Screens

Working with our partner Ergonomic we can provide retailers with a proven solution to safeguard screens and additional requirements for hand sanitiser at the point of sale. Find out how to ensure you are protecting your employees and customers by providing separation between your Operator/Server and your Customer. Read More…

Store Optimisation

Saving money across your store estate has never been so important. Stock is a huge area where significant working capital is tied up. Managing stock in store and discounting is going to be a significant priority once retailers open. Our Mobile Stock Management solution has been delivering the cost savings to our customers using it. The solution gives you an opportunity to optimise this large cost element of your store whilst aiding customer service as you have a better handle on what stock you have where.

Our solution suite is developed utilising digital, mobile and cloud technology. The very essence of our solutions are about enhancing retailers businesses from a cost and business benefit perspective.

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