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Social Distancing Solutions – Liquid Hand Sanitiser and Dispensing

Supporting retailers with solutions to the new challenges of social distancing

Offering retailers real solutions to the current challenge

Managed Services

For offices, hotels, retail or restaurants/bars/ venues ClearWater Hygiene can offer a new approach to hand sanitising solutions for staff and customers. The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted areas in which we, as a society must take further action to ensure the safety and hygiene of our staff and customers. With this in mind, ClearWater Hygiene is paving the way for Motion Activate Hand Sanitising stations. With the ability to be stationed anywhere, particularly areas that receive consistent volumes of foot traffic to deliver peace of mind and avoid potential risk where possible.

To achieve this ClearWater Hygiene can offer a managed monthly service for business to include a Motion Activated Sanitising Station and a refillable bottle of 80% Ethanol liquid hand sanitiser. This will be filled monthly or anytime through an online client portal.

Smart Stand

Features include:

  • Integrated thermometer, sanitiser dispenser and Track + Trace
  • 5 Litre capacity with remote monitoring for low stock levels
  • Full HD screen for safety guidance + promotional segments
  • Six (6) x 10 sec ad slots with full ad approval process
  • One (1) x ad slot dedicated to in-house promotions
  • QR code promotion ready with opt-in support
  • Solid metal stand and frame construction with shatterproof screen (also wall mountable)
  • IP44 splash proof certified
  • Installation and 3-year full warranty included as standard
  • Helps mandate to staff and customers the three steps of: Temperature Check, Track Visit and Sanitise

Liquid Hand Sanitiser

Working in collaboration we can help you access ClearWater Hygiene’s Hand Sanitiser. The product is an 80% Ethanol liquid hand sanitiser, 100% made in Britain aimed to protect the UK’s key workers on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19.

ClearWater has been forged out of a family run Gin distillery just north of Aberdeen, founded as a direct response to the current Covid-19 Crisis. With an ability to produce in excess of 900,000 litres per week and is 80% Ethanol along with meeting WHO guidelines, following Formulation 1 recipe, ensuring its effectiveness to key workers all over the country.

The product can be supplied in:

  • 100ml – flip top lid
  • 250ml – Screw Cap/ Atomiser/ Pump fittings
  • 500ml – Screw Cap/ Pump fittings
  • 5 litre – Screw Cap
  • 20 litre – Screw Cap
  • 1000 litre – Screw Cap

All plastic bottles and containers are a EU certified and compliant with regulations, Screw Cap and Pump fittings are subject to availability.

liquid hand sanitiser uk

80% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

2x 5 litre sanitisers 24 month free

Managed Services

Smart Stand v2

Smart Stand

disinfectant aerosol 500ml 20litre


freestanding motion dispenser

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