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Transforming Store Stock Management Operations

Digitalise your paper-based stock management solutions

Trust is focused on providing digital solutions to drive new operational strategies to deliver change and optimise operational processes to create value. For traditional brick and mortar retailers the store operation is still a major cost line. Our solutions are quick to deploy and to realise benefits providing you, the retailer with the ability to:

  • Eliminate and automate tasks
  • Ensure you only build value adding tasks into your model
  • Build concurrent tasks into your model
  • Review your business to make simple changes, e.g. policy change and how it can save you time.

Our solutions minimise the amount of time spent on back office operational tasks in stores. Getting Stock Management right delivers a multitude of cost savings and increase revenue opportunities.

Minimal Intervention resulting in spending less time on operations to deliver better customer service and enhance brand loyalty.

Real-time Stock Accuracy

Store operations with real time stock accuracy enabling huge cost and efficiency savings. This ultimately is enhancing the service they deliver to customers as they have the right stock available at the right time with in-store colleagues knowing about it.

Ultimately radically reducing stock holdings saves money. This saving can be refocussed on value adding activities for the customer.


Enhanced Audit and Compliance Regimes

For retail stores enhancing the audit and compliance regimes provides huge opportunity for cost savings. Our Stock Management solution provides a retailer with instant access to slice and dice the data on stock flow with confidence and accuracy. Having the right products available at the right time ultimately creates brand loyalty as the customer has what they want and need when they need it.

Probably the best Stock Management solution for retailers. 

The Inventory Management module automatically assesses a stores performance and analyses stock requirements based on real time sales. The technology updates sales quickly and compares them to stock levels to generate more accurate orders for replenishment. The solution automatically responds to faster selling items, seasonal promotions and slower moving stock. This improves sales with the right products being available based on demand and vastly reduces wastage and therefore costs.

Flexible Technology 

The Stock Management solution is based on Android and hosted in a private cloud with a fully managed service including proactive remote and in-field support. Being hardware independent enables retailers to choose a cost-effective device that can expand its usage quickly and simply, due to our agility we rolled out the solution to 800 stores in 6 weeks.


Working with Holland & Barrett International (HBI) we have replaced their paper-based store stock management system with our digital stock management solution across their store real estate of 1150 stores.

Cost Effective

Our solution can be deployed on Android, delivering radical cost savings against traditional hardware.

Leading Edge Technology

Our solution has been built with leading technology to ensure simplicity within it. We have built our solution for today and the future with no legacy architecture that doesn’t suit today’s modern world. With hardware and operating system independence our solution offers retailers true flexibility.

Solution Flexibility

Once your business is live with our solution the opportunity to continue to digitally transform your business is endless with our:

  • Mobile payment solution
  • Mobile and Fixed POS
  • Click and Collect solution
  • Digital Signage
  • Customer WiFi

Changing the Way Store Colleagues Work

This radically changes the way in-store colleagues work as from one device they can, transact sales, facilitate payments, access sales views, maintain all important attributes of a product, stock count, check order deliveries and much more. Plus store colleagues can flip from one action to another for example a store colleague can be stock counting when a customer asks a question, they can simply click to another area of their solution, help the customer and return to their stock counting once finished. This flexibility changes the way you interact with your employees and customers.

Easy to Use

Crucial to our design is to ensure it is intuitive and based on how users use their smartphones and tablets. Therefore the solution mirrors consumer apps helping to minimise, even eradicate the need for training. This design also enables multi-tasking, a store colleague can interrupt their tasks with ease to talk to a customer, move away from one screen and back again. Similarly the system understands that the flow of stores and backs up as it goes ensuring any disruption in service does not resort in mass loss of data.

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