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How buying into our experience can improve your customer experience.

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Start your journey towards a world of digital possibilities.

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Hotel & Hospitality

We can help you look after your customers even better.

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Let us help you drive your digital transformation.

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We can digitally transform your retail experience

These days, in order to stay competitive, retailers need the ability to provide modern and compelling in-store experiences to customers with personalised recommendations, a simplified buying experience, and faster customer service.

At Trust, our connectivity and engagement tools open up exciting possibilities for retailers — providing you with opportunities to deliver better customer experiences and gain a competitive advantage.

Choose Trust and we’ll help you:

  • Connect – interact with your customers via their mobile devices
  • Engage – deliver innovative and personalised content to improve your customers’ shopping experience. The more they interact, the more you can learn about them.
  • Observe – track and analyse buyer behaviour. We’ll help you do this by geolocating your customers in store via their WiFi. This allows you to accurately measure their behaviour and adapt your sales strategies accordingly.
  • Expand – you can grow and expand your digital impact with our POS, Mobile Pay, Digital Screens. The possibilities are almost endless. You can bridge the physical and online shopping experience by cross-referencing analytics from your website and retail space – giving your store advisers invaluable information. And with Mobile Pay, you don’t even need physical tills any more.
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