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Let Trust revolutionise your dealerships. We can create the best in-showroom customer experience via our digital platforms.

We can help you drive your sales and growth with our cutting-edge digital solutions

With customers’ expectations becoming more and more sophisticated, the ability to provide a compelling digital experience could be the competitive advantage you need.

Our solutions combine our digital expertise and experience with a number of digital assets, delivering an end-to-end capability. This includes customer WiFi, customer analytics, digital vouchers/promotions, loyalty schemes, customer surveys, signage and much more.

We can enable car dealerships to join up their online and showroom activity to offer a truly personalised service. Each customer is provided with timely and relevant information and offers. The solution enables car dealerships the flexibility to dynamically react to trends and customers demands giving them a competitive edge.

Choose Trust and we’ll help you:

  • Connect – interact with your customers via their mobile devices. This will give them a richer experience and give you the ability to push relevant and tailored messaging to them. This means you can improve your service and also increase sales via promotions for your facilities.
  • Engage – deliver innovative and personalised content to improve your customer experience. For example, you can send customers extra info on the vehicle they are looking at, or compare several at a time – all in real time.
  • Observe – track and analyse your customers’ movements in real time, thanks to geolocation via your WiFi network. This will give you visibility of the hot areas of your showroom, so you can adjust your layout and build promotions around their habits. Your Sales Executives will also know if a someone has lingered by a particular car or if a customer has walked out without being seen.
  • Expand – you can grow and expand your digital reach with our cutting-edge digital solutions. For example, you can use your digital displays to welcome customers back and even highlight the cars they’ve browsed before with any new offers. Plus, you can offer real-time deals on the car a customer is viewing.
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