Enterprise Networks in a Hybrid World

Build a network that can cope with the digital demands on usage, bandwidth required by newer applications and increase need for coverage.

The importance of effective WiFi has become even higher on the agenda with the growth in hybrid working and flexible working spaces and the demand for real-time sensitive bandwidth-hungry applications such as video and voice, highlights the need for businesses to ensure the WiFi network can deliver to the expectation of a modern workplace and digital users.

It’s critical that your WiFi is suitable to manage the growth of your business providing flexibility and agility to avoid the constant need to re-cable offices, offering the ability to manage, control and change network policies through cloud-controlled platforms, as well as having the agility to be able to respond to the ever-changing market needs.

Connect people, places and workloads in a hybrid world with our solutions

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

Redefine your enterprise goals and how they are achieved with our Wireless Local-Area Network (WLAN), whatever your sector. Allow work to happen anywhere, as wireless networks also increase productivity and provide convenience. Read more…

Local Area Network (LAN)

Our LAN solution comprises cables, access points, switches, routers, and other components that enable devices to connect to internal servers, web servers, and other LANs via wide area networks.

The rise of virtualization has also fueled the development of virtual LANs, which enable network administrators to logically group network nodes and partition their networks without a need for major infrastructure changes. Read more…


Connect any user to any application with integrated capabilities for Multi-Cloud, security, unified communications, and application optimisation—all on a SASE-enabled architecture.

Utilising software on centralised consoles businesses can control network connections, application flows, policies, security mechanisms and general administration. Read more…

Enterprise Networks

Underpinning your business with the right network can accelerate your digital transformation strategy. As a Cisco partner, we have the proven expertise to consult, deploy and manage your next-generation intelligent network. We are a Cisco Security Specialist Partner so your business is in safe hands.

We design, deploy and manage wired and WiFi networks enabling adaptable, scalable and cost-effective connectivity supporting your digital journey. Read more…


As a leading Cisco partner, we provide a security offering to protect your business, through network security, user and endpoint protection, cloud edge, and application security. Our portfolio of security solutions includes SecureX, Secure Firewall, Umbrella, and Cybersecurity. Read more…

IoT / Smart Networks

It’s important for businesses to gather data from our digital world to provide valuable insights. However, they are yet to explore how technology can collect data from the physical environment. 

IoT Sensors: 

The Cisco Meraki MT sensors provide a simple solution that provides real-time visibility of the business-critical environment to prevent loss, downtime, and damage. Read more…

Smart Cameras:

Incredibly simple to deploy, configure, and manage, the Cisco Meraki Camera solution provides reliable security and valuable business insights to organisations of any scale. Read more…

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