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Our Enterprise WiFi solution releases the power of your WiFi to connect, engage, observe and expand your customer engagement.

Simple Enterprise Guest WiFi

If you want to enhance your customer experience with enterprise WiFi, Trust can get you up and running quickly. We can deliver the right Guest WiFi solution for you and your customers, regardless of your existing technology and infrastructure.

With our Guest WiFi portal you can customise every aspect of your guest WiFi so it works for your company and your customers.

Our solution enables you to offer a warm digital welcome to your customers – whether you decide to offer them a free vs paid use, a one-time vs recurring use, a per-user time or traffic allowance.

Simplify your WiFi logon
Customers have multiple logon options, such as social WiFi and can be validated by email, text message or through a sponsor.

Deliver delightful experiences
Enrich the WiFi experience with smart content – such as surveys, promotional coupons and advertising. Plus, deliver custom on-site experiences.

The technology to drive business value

Employ open-architecture principles to incorporate guest WiFi into your existing business strategies:

  • Integrate business systems seamlessly
  • Select from a rich set of APIs, webhooks and integrations to feed third-party systems, and enjoy a more comprehensive view into your digital business.
  • Supercharge your mobile apps
  • Enhance your existing mobile apps with special features by using the mobile Software Development Kit (SDK). For example, you can include seamless onboarding directly from your mobile app.
  • Build your own applications
  • Design new applications and set them up to activate during the WiFi login for increased customer engagement. Or publish them on the dashboard to extend functionalities.

Accelerate deployment
Launch new initiatives or optimise existing WiFi networks quickly. With a cloud-based approach, there’s no need to install additional software or hardware.

Be compliant with regulations
Keep personal information collected over your enterprise WiFi safe and secure. Our solution complies with local privacy regulations and allows for customised policies.

Easily manage your services
Manage your enterprise WiFi across all locations from a single, cloud-based dashboard.

Monitor WiFi usage with analytics
Gain in-depth service analytics to monitor how guest WiFi is being used across all your locations for data-driven operational decisions.

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