A flexible, high-performing and fully mobile POS Solution to build a better customer experience and boost sales.

Mobile technology in retail enables retailers to deliver a memorable shopping experience that builds brand loyalty. Aside from being portable, a mobile POS solution is smaller and allows for greater flexibility and higher quality interactions with your customers.

Today’s retail environment is more competitive than ever. To grow your business successfully, you must take advantage of every opportunity to make a powerful and lasting connection with every customer. Our POS platform allows retailers to speed up the checkout process, engage customers and sell on the go with a single view of products, customers and inventory. The application is feature-rich and intuitive, helping retailers to optimise and simplify operations with a single view on one platform.

With our partners, WonderLane we have built easy-to-use tools into our POS to help retailers gather information about customers, review transactions, update pricing, set up promotions, look up product information, manage Click & Collect and so much more.

At a glance...

The introduction of an Android platform helps improve Sustainability providing £100 energy-saving per lane and 100kg of Co2 emissions per year.


Customer Engagement

Customers want speed and convenience. Manage orders, payments, returns, collections and exchanges wherever you are to connect and serve your customers anywhere, anytime with one inter-connected platform. Have accurate information at your fingertips allows you to easily run and manage promotions, price changes, stock updates and even customer collections.

Free up, Optimise and Reuse Store Space

Mix and match different POS formats. With a mobile POS you can flexibly free up valuable real estate. Cut support maintenance and hardware costs of unused lanes and get more from your space. 

Single Version of the Truth in Real-Time

Everything is hosted securely in the cloud with automated software updates. Cloud access means real-time information and reporting wherever you are. Underpin your daily operations and decision making with real-time synchronised instant access to transaction and inventory data, trends and more.

Hardware Agnostic

Our POS solution is hardware agnostic and will work on multiple devices including Android. Advantages of Android include; cost as they are considerably cheaper than iOS. Variety, you have more flexibility when choosing a device. Applications integrations, Android devices have access to Google app store therefore hundreds of other application integrations are possible.

How it works

The Connected POS

Our cloud-based POS is flexible, responsive and connected regardless of device or location—it is one solution across your estate. Our POS solution will run on any combination of hardware including mobile, tablet, kiosk, self-checkout and at a fixed register.

Trade Anywhere

Manage orders, payments, returns, collections and exchanges wherever you are as well as easily keep track of your entire inventory with real-time updates. Avoid stock-outs, set up low-stock alerts and more.

Industry-Leading Security

To protect customers against new security threats, Samsung is ISO27001 and ISO27701 certified. MagicINFO™ is the first solution in the signage industry to acquire both certifications. MagicINFO™ provides the highest level of security in the digital signage industry and is officially recognised worldwide.


Reduce costs and perform better with our Point of Sale Solution

Check out some of the features:

  • Handles multiple payments
  • Accurate tender (cash) management
  • Basket building, discounts, mark downs
  • Customer engagement tools
  • eCommerce synced
  • Digital receipts
  • Detailed transaction, purchase order and invoice tracking
  • Cloud based with real-time updates and offline capabilities
  • Complete access to real-time inventory management and stock information
  • Built-in product, pricing and promotions engine
  • Employee check-in
  • Accurate reporting to track and improve profits
  • Easy integration to third party applications
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