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In partnership with Tier 1 partners such as Nutanix our offering is delivered from leading government approved and sustainable datacentre provider, Ark Data Centres.

With businesses focussing on reducing overall costs and improving reliability and availability for their IT, multi-cloud is becoming the most likely deployment. According to IDC today multi-cloud accounts for around 365 and this is forecast to increase in the next 1-3 years to 64% and rising. The Trust Cloud Infrastructure as a Service enables businesses to begin their multi-cloud journey.

The Solution
Trust Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution provides customers with a Hyper-Converged platform, Edge & Core Network & Firewall technologies all wrapped into a high performance, tier 1 managed solution. Trust compliments this with service offerings, from a Bronze Monitoring & Reporting Managed Service as part of the solution with the option to add Silver or Gold enhanced levels of service.

At a glance...

In partnership with Tier 1 partners such as Nutanix our offering is delivered from leading government approved and sustainable datacentre provider, Ark Data Centres.


TS Reduce Costs Icon

Flexible Cloud-like Charging, OpEx rather than CapEx

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Dedicated Hyper-Converged Environment but Leveraging ROI from Multi-Tenant Approach to Specific Technology Areas

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UK Location Secure Government Security Classifications Standards

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High Security Focus

  • Nutanix default security baselining (with auto-remediation)
  • Nutanix Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) included in platform operations
  • Self Service Portal provided by Nutanix Prism Central and CALM

How it works

Number 1

Customer Applications and Data

  • Infrastructure services provisioned on VMs or file data
  • Customer dedicated access to data/platform via network
  • Data encrypted at rest
  • Native ‘on box’ VM snapshots by default as “basic recovery”
  • Options to enhance service
Number 2

Customer IaaS

  • Dedicated IaaS platform for each customer ensuring complete data separation
  • Hyper-Converged platform, built on COTS technology using industry-leading technologies
  • High performance, scalable platform, sized on ‘model workload’ but scalable to customer needs
  • Base service scope with range of additional features that can be added as per requirement
  • Data at rest encrypted (software-based)
Number 3

Core Switching

  • Customer Segregation using Layer 2, 3 and firewall technology throughout the network stack
  • Dual resilient and redundant platform end to end
  • High performance 10GbE connectivity to Hyperconverged platform, with options for 25GbE
  • High performance COTS Switching technology
  • Internet landing options for resilient 1 GbE and 10GbE


Number 4

Customer Inter-Connect (WAN) Landing

  • Connect via the internet to IP landing e.g. IPSec VPN, SD-WAN, MPLS integrations etc.
  • Shared incoming internet connection into Edge Switching
  • Resilient (Active/Passive) 1 GbE bandwidth by default
  • Virtual firewall landing zone
  • Regulated, default firewall policy set, managed by Trust Systems, flexible to customer specific needs
Number 5

Customer Connection Options

  • Offering direct connection if customer already present in same DC
  • Resilient options available
  • Dedicated switch options available for Edge landing
  • Customisable solution to meet customer needs
Number 6

Customer Premises/End User

  • Customer End Users based at customer site of if working remotely
  • End user connection is via customer network, no direct internet publishing




Customer onboarding and support, with customer Professional Services wrap.

Flexible, focussed on achieving optimal cost of service to customer.

Technology and hosting, COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) based IaaS, all deployed and managed by Trust Systems.

Piece of mind TCO with Trust Base Managed Service and Optional Services.

Scale up as needed, in terms of infrastructure and service options.

Your apps without need to consider infrastructure capex of infrastructure management.

Designed by Trust Systems to adhere to key standards/frameworks, built in software encryption at rest with secure Key Management.

Base snapshots of resources, IaaS monitored by tier 1 SIEM services, vulnerability and penetration tested bi-annually.

  • Additional Security – Add MDR/SIEM monitoring and managed service (comprehensive) to your VM, apps and services.
  • Greater Resilience – Metro/National replication – DR-As-a-Service with Consultancy to design with your business in mind.
  • Backup As a Service – Off box, formal backup as a service, managed by Trust.
  • Operational Assurance – Add options for VM Operating System (OS) management, Anti Virus, OS update services etc.
  • Optional Hyper-Visor – Bring your own VMWare licenses for Trust to provide managed VMWare Hyper-Visor.
  • Publish your own Websites – With optional Load Balancers and Web application Firewall services.
  • Added Service Levels – Top up Standard Bronze with Silver and Gold.

Proven Stories

Customer Success

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Supporting the UK’s most efficient data centres

‘Trust Systems is a partner who has supported our extensive development and growth plans. Working with a supplier you know can deliver when our ethos is to provide customers with a solid, robust and secure service is absolutely essential.’

Andy Garvin, Director, Design, Build and Operate, Ark Data Centres

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