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Take total control of your store operations. Enhance your customer experience. Plus, save time and money.

Choose our flexible, high performing and fully mobile POS solution

Through our strategic partnership with Wonderlane, our POS solution is flexible, high performing and fully mobile. We can provide you with total control of your store operations, resulting in vast cost and time savings; while enhancing the customer experience.

Choose Trust and you’ll enjoy:

  • A new way of servicing your customers – our solution provides a fully mobile solution in every way, freeing up your staff to serve customers more efficiently and responsively from anywhere in the store
  • Intuitive stock management – automatically assess your store’s performance and analyse stock requirements based on real time sales. Sales are quickly compared to stock levels to generate more accurate replenishment orders. Ensuring the right products are available, based on demand, optimises sales and vastly reduces wastage
  • Better support for store security and audit teams – readily available data in real-time regarding store operations provides the visibility requires to identify and swiftly deal with fraudulent transactions.
  • Value for money – centralised deployment with Android-based terminals delivers vast cost savings for rollout and overall ownership.
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