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Manage your store from one mobile device.

Access your store in your hand

Utilising the latest technology built for smart devices your store colleagues can have everything they need to manage stock accessible in their hand.  Having the right stock at the right time and having clear visibility of stock is crucial in the retail environment. If this is not managed effectively your customers are disappointed, resulting in lost sales and excessive stock, both incur high costs. Our mobile stock management solution enables store colleagues to count stock, have visibility of stock balances, check orders due for delivery all in a intuitive solution on a mobile device. Basically a mobile version of your back office system.

With consumer expectations growing and the move to an increasingly digital world this solution gives retailers the edge in a hugely competitive landscape creating a mobile ecosystem for operational excellence. Connecting your store colleagues leads to a connected customer experience leveraging brand loyalty and increased sales. Once mobile you can further digitally transform your business with our Mobile and Fixed POS solution, Mobile Pay, Click and Collect, the options are endless.

Cost Effective

Our solution can be deployed on Android delivering radical cost savings against traditional hardware.

Leading Edge Technology

Our solution has been built with leading technology to ensure simplicity within it. We have built our solution for today and the future with no legacy architecture that doesn’t suit today’s modern world. With hardware and operating system independence our solution offers retailers true flexibility.

Solution Flexibility

Once your business is live with our solution the opportunity to continue to digitally transform your business is endless with our:

  • Mobile payment solution
  • Mobile and Fixed POS
  • Click and Collect solution
  • Digital Signage
  • Customer WiFi

Changing the Way Store Colleges Work

This radically changes the way in-store colleagues work as from one device they can, transact sales, facilitate payments, access sales views, maintain all important attributes of a product, stock count, check order deliveries and much more. Plus store colleagues can flip from one action to another for example a store colleague can be stock counting when a customer asks a question, they can simply click to another area of their solution, help the customer and return to their stock counting once finished. This flexibility changes the way you interact with your employees and customers.

Easy to Use

Crucial to our design is to ensure it is intuitive and based on how users use their smartphones and tablets. Therefore the solution mirrors consumer apps helping to minimise, even eradicate the need for training. This design also enables multi-tasking, a store colleague can interrupt their tasks with ease to talk to a customer, move away from one screen and back again. Similarly the system understands that the flow of stores and backs up as it goes ensuring any disruption in service does not resort in mass loss of data.

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