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TrustCloud for Dealerships

Technology is all around us and becoming more affordable every day. Connected devices will be particularly disruptive to the retail industry and dealerships need to take the lead to gain an important advantage in an already competitive environment.

TrustCloud allows dealerships to create the best in-store customer shopping experience available by being able to track a customer’s movement in real-time across the store.

  • This then allows dealerships to see their hot areas of their showroom and adjust store layouts for more efficient customer visits.
  • Connect to the smart device to give a richer experience and offer additional data on the vehicle or compare several in real time.
  • Capture customer data if they don’t get seen by a sales executive and walk out.
  • Target your high-value, loyal customers with VIP services.
  • In real time offer the customer a deal on a car they are standing by.
  • Help move aged stock before dealership has to pay for it.
  • Notify a sales executive about a customer lingering by car for more than 1 minute and direct him to them.
  • Build promotions based on “people’s habits”.
  • Link to digital displays to welcome a customer back in and highlight the cars he browsed before and any new offers on these.


TrustCloud gives an enhanced experience with better communication with its customers therefore increasing Sales,  Increasing efficiency and reducing lost sales due to leakage.

The solution does not require application integration at the point of sale. What’s more it can be implemented into a business quickly, easily, effectively and can be fully managed by Trust. We even have a pop up solution so you can trail where it doesn’t need to touch your internal network. All you have to do is switch off your current Guest Wi-Fi solution.

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