Radically transform your processes across Finance and Logistics with our order to cash digital platform

Data-Xchange is delivering businesses a solution that enables them to unlock real time visibility across linked transactions from order to cash in a simple and effective way.

Our Data-Xchange platform aggregates data from the multitude of transaction points to streamline and automate the identification of exceptions at each stage. Having the ability to micro-manage the high volume of transactions in an efficient and cost effective way enables businesses to significantly impact the Order to Cash cycle.

The solution is built on GS1 standards, creating a common foundation by uniquely identifying, accurately capturing and automatically sharing vital information about products, locations, assets and more.

When we consider the supply chain in retail there are significant transaction points all creating masses of data, time delay and potential for error. For example:

Manufacturer and Wholesaler organisations are increasingly feeling the “drowning” effects of the sheer volume of transactional documentation required by the retailers.

Traditionally, supplier organisations are attempting to manage transactions through recapture of the paperwork, resulting in long lead times, human error and missed query windows.

Retailers are increasingly moving to automated processes in order to cope with the volumes that move into the receiving areas of the stores. Delivery drivers are returning to the supplier with paperwork.

Accounts Payable management is performed from data collected at the receiving points and thus the data becomes the “gospel truth” of the transactional lifecycle.

Ultimately, organisations are facing increased costs in order to obtain clarity and visibility of order, delivery and stock information.

At a glance...

An Open API with low code / no code and an Open Source Client

Reap the benefits

Data-Xchange removes this complexity and enables businesses to focus on accessing real time, reconciled data driving exception reporting. The difference with Data-Xchange is it provides exception identification, insight collection, on-demand reporting, process orchestration and data validation prior to processing into the ERP. It solves line of business problems and not just technical point-to-point data transfers as with EDI.

During the order to cash process improving efficiency and simply doing things better enables the scope to save money and time driving real tangible bottom-line benefits. Improvements in the order to cash process also directly impacts the customer experience and daily employee experience, the power of which cannot be underestimated.

Reliance on Manual Intervention

Many businesses have started the digital journey to create a Straight Through Process (STP) for order-to-cash transactions with the objective to create total visibility especially supporting the accounts payable function. However, they are still reliant on paper-based documentation with manual interventions involving various staff. This leads to sub-optimal payments, discounts, deliveries and stock visibility, well outside of acceptable SLA targets.

Digitalisation of Data

Data-Xchange provides digital access to the entire Order to Cash value chain, including easy access to all documentation. The solution reviews the documentation raised by all parties involved and creates an exception report by automatically reconciling the data at each document intersection. This ecosystem delivers a consolidated view to ensure the ERP system only manages quality data.

Insights and Exceptions

Utilising Data-Xchange drives insight reporting focussing attention on managing exceptions in real time ultimately mitigating financial risk.

At a glance...

Digitally transform your supply chain and finance data into accountable intelligence

Key Features of Data-Xchange:

  • Flexing traditional EDI to create complete digital transformation, not just messaging, but integrating processes across organisations, creating end-to-end automation and standardisation.
  • Creating new pathways, and navigating the detail of retail processes.
  • Connecting people to people to machine to machine. Connecting processes and companies.
  • Over 500 insights and actionable intelligence for operations, executives and customers.
  • Taking traditional supply chain administration into hyper-automation.
  • Supply chain transaction and Finance network:
    – Fully permissioned
    – Free to use open API network
    – For full supply chain management
  • Leveraging existing corporate IT assets:
    – ERP
    – Replenishment
    – Stores
    – Logistics

Data-Xchange has the ability to do this as it:

Delivers an API connected to you ERP solution (Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle, Sage, GS1, Syspor, SAP, Netsuite)

Democratising digital transformation:

  • Any platform
  • Any language
  • Open source client
  • Open API compliant
  • Fully documented tutorials and Wiki

Works with all programme languages such as C#, Java and Typescript client code.

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