Smart Buildings

Turn your buildings into safe, smart, sustainable, seamless spaces with Trust Networks!

Smart Building Solutions

Our Smart Building solutions help you reimagine how your building operates. With the network at the core with additional technologies such as IoT and Smart Cameras, you’ll not only connect your building to your people, but you securely automate all your processes into a single network. Our Smart Building solutions drives intelligent operational efficiencies becoming a core utility, as critical as power and water.  

Be in control of your buildings – anywhere and anytime

How we can help you

Greater Flexibility

With the collation of data through our Smart Building Solutions you can capture the data such as changes in occupancy density. This data is used to adjust airflow, humidity, and temperature appropriately. 

Net Zero

Smart Building technology provides the tools to monitor and control your business creating a sustainable building, therefore helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Future Proof

We support your business to combine data, technology, operations, IoT and camera assets to create the building of the future that can adapt to future changes on demand.

Lower Operational Costs

With the need to meet regulations for greenhouse-gas emissions our Smart Building solutions collate the data to identify and drive energy efficiencies. For example, through intelligence the solution can reduce the use of lighting as it adjusts based on natural light, all the way to ensuring the right air ventilation is used based on the number of people in the office.

Cost Efficiencies

The solution monitors and collates data and intelligently optimises the building performance to drive real cost savings, in particular savings in energy costs. By connecting lighting, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems you can automatically adjust temperature, shades, and lighting based on time of day and occupancy.

Our Approach

We add value through our consultative approach where we listen and challenge to ensure our solutions deliver customer outcomes. We will work with you to define the best-fit solution for your business requirements and aspirations and understand your current landscape. Our expert team of network infrastructure architects, project managers and engineers have the specialist skills to manage the unique operational requirements whatever they may be. We design and propose the best technology and network infrastructure design that will deliver and meet requirements. However, our support won’t stop there! We will work with your every step of the way throughout deployment and in-life support as well as managing any complex implementation processes to ensure we minimise any disruptions to your buildings and operations.

Buildings that intelligently adapt to meet your needs