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Strong Security Without the Password

PixelPin’s unique security advantage comes from the use of picture login, eliminating passwords and their inherent weaknesses. One Picture. Four Points. No Passwords. PixelPin enables businesses to have an authentication system that is more secure than passwords. Users can enjoy the same login experience on desktop, tablet and smartphone. PixelPin is easy to use, engaging and secure.

Visual, Personal & Engaging

We are visual creatures- our brain processes and stores 90% of information as images. Passwords are hard to remember but personal images are engaging and unforgettable.

2-Factor Authentication

PixelPin delivers a user-friendly 2-factor authentication system for business, built to highly secure standards that can be used for customer logins or as an enterprise system. Integrating PixelPin gives the business compliance with the authentication requirements of PSD2.




In today’s digital age, we are highly dependent on online services to be accessible across multiple devices. With our native iOS/Android libraries and web solution, we provide users with the same login experience on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

PDF Download – What is PixelPin

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