Anticipating 2024: Trends Set to Dominate the IT Landscape

As 2023 draws to a close and we look ahead to 2024, the IT landscape continues to evolve. At Trust Systems, we work with an array of customers from leading retailers to large sustainable datacentre providers to charitable trusts and producers of global brands. Coupled with our strategic alliances with best of breed partners such as Samsung, Cisco, Nutanix, Lenovo and SentinelOne we have pulled together a review of the hot topics for technology going into 2024.

Digital Signage: There will be an increase in the adoption of digital signage to support customer and employee engagement. With the ROI model maturing, companies understand how digital signage can support business goals relating to marketing, customer loyalty, increasing spend, managing operational and command facilities and supporting employee engagement.

Security & AI: In today’s digital era, cybersecurity stands as the linchpin of business stability, especially with the burgeoning influence of AI in powering sophisticated cyber threats. At Trust Systems, we recognise the urgency in shielding your business from these evolving risks.

Picture your business as a fortress; every device, network link, and sensitive data point represents a potential vulnerability. Our approach goes beyond conventional security—we’re architects of cyber resilience. With 24/7 SOC & NOC capabilities, we fortify every gateway, ensuring robust endpoint protection and cutting-edge solutions across the Endpoint and alongside a Secure Service Edge (SSE) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) framework. These innovations provide secure, authenticated access and fortify your entire digital ecosystem against intrusion.

Our dedication extends to preserving business continuity, offering robust backup strategies and remote access protocols to withstand disruptions. Trust Systems isn’t just a service provider; we’re your proactive shield in this AI-driven cyber landscape, committed to safeguarding not just your data but the core operations of your business in the face of an ever-evolving threat horizon.

Cloud: is it cost-efficient, isn’t it? Ensuring you have the right Cloud partner to support a hybrid multi-cloud strategy to ensure ROI is critical. We are a Cloud Managed Service Provider helping organisations on their Cloud journey to ensure Cloud operational excellence. When we developed Trust Cloud, we understood the need for a managed hybrid multi-cloud platform to support businesses with building a transformative Cloud strategy. The right Cloud platform needs to optimise your Cloud approach and provide a secure, agile and monitored environment, to deliver excellent performance.

Managed Service: Businesses will continue to seek managed service providers to alleviate time-deprived departments and the requirement to juggle multiple IT requirements all demanding 24/7/365 availability! There is a need to also ensure IT is being proactively managed and the need for disaster recover to be in place to safeguard data and applications to the nearest second in the event of a disaster. IT Managers will be looking to work with partners to offload the burden of their IT infrastructure, leaning on them to take the responsibility for managing all infrastructure assets to allow them to focus on achieving a deeper business-oriented outcome, one that allows IT professionals to do what they do best—manage the strategic business needs.

Explosion of as a service: This is not new, but adoption of technology as a service will boom in 2024 as businesses need to lower risk, spread costs and view technology as a journey. Whether that is security as a service or digital signage as a service Trust Systems is the Managed Service provider who excels with working with customers to support them with the whole lifecycle from design, deployment, management and in-life support 24/7/365.

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