Retail Technology Show 2023 Key Topics

A week after the buzz of Retail Tech 2023, we reflect on the key hot topics we discussed with retailers and our thoughts on how technology can enable strategic and operational goals. 

  1. Superior Customer Experience – Rightly so retailers are still focused on customer experience and with technology providers continuing to invest in innovative approaches.
  2. Operational Efficiencies – From managing people to digitalising processes there is no doubt retailers need to continue to invest in streamlining costs, creating efficiencies and improving the work environment for their teams. 
  3. Creating a Differentiator – Consumers are fickle and creating brand loyalty can be eroded quickly. As a retailer continuously evolving and having something to attract and keep customers is vital. 
  4. Customer Insight – Understanding our customers and the way they buy, how they buy, and what they buy is essential. But what takes this to the next level is using this data to advertise by relevance, this is the key to increasing sales and keeping customers.
  5.  Sustainability – Every retailer needs to consider sustainability as a KPI. From corporate social responsibility to driving effective change technology can support key strategic objectives from datacentre management to the design of the solution to reduce materials, energy consumption providers need to show they support a circular economy.

We can help with the above with a portfolio of managed cloud, digital and network solutions from:

  • Digital Signage
  • Guest WiFi
  • Smart Buildings
  • Cisco Meraki Networking
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Store Inventory Management
  • Data Xchange

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