Digital transformation: the here, now and beyond

Rethink, Retune and Regain…

We took part in the McDonald Butler ‘Retail’s Big Reset’ event that brought together leading retailers to review the trends that came from the virtual NRF event. Aptly named ‘Retail’s Big Reset’ the event outlined the core themes and trends faced by the retail sector.

In this guide, we have taken these trends and applied our own technology expertise from working with leading retailers to discuss the ‘how’. How can you make the themes and trends of 2021 work to your business benefit today and beyond?

Rethink, Retune and Regain – make a difference to your retail business quickly and effectively to support you now and beyond.

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When we review the news, trend reports, outputs from NRF 2021 and the topics discussed at the ‘Retail’s Big Reset’ the recurring emphasis from previous years regarding cloud, big data, customer experience, personalisation, automation, security are still prominent. But they are being taken over by the term ‘disruption’ meaning retailers know what they need to be doing, but there is now the need to do it faster and better.

The following shares 5 core trends shared at the ‘Retail’s Big Reset’ and ‘how’ retailers can combat these based on our deployments. As a digital technology and service company, we are actively deploying and managing solutions with leading retailers to ‘disrupt’ the way they do business and enabling them to Rethink, Retune and Regain their retail business.