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Thought Leadership Series - Guided by Trust Systems

The year 2020 was jam-packed full of challenging events, now a year on we need to learn from the core lessons we learnt when utilising and deploying digital transformation.

In this guide, we will cover the 3 key digital transformation lessons to remember in 2021.

Lessons include:

Lesson 1: Having a Flexible Solution

Lesson 2: Adopting a New Way to Interact with your Customers

Lesson 3: The Power of Integrated Mobile Stock Management

It is time for retailers to Rethink, Retune, Regain their Business with Digital Technology

Lesson 1:  Having a Flexible Solution

The pandemic changed the way consumers shop, as well as this queues were forming outside stores, the 2-metre rule had to be implemented, hand sanitisation and cleaning of trolleys and baskets was needed, the requirement to cope with panic buying along with managing the opening and shutting of non-essential in line with tiers and lockdowns. This led to retailers having to shift the way they used technology to support the ever-changing requirements and demands on their businesses.

Essential retailers, like supermarkets were busier than ever, so being able to utilise and adjust the way they used their digital signage screens was a big win. Signage shared content information regarding social distancing guidelines as well as being used to manage queues providing messages to let customers know whether it is safe to enter the store or not, controlling footfall.

Lesson one, the power of having a flexible solution is vital to ensure your digital signage solution is there to support the needs of your business. Without a flexible solution or solution provider, stores would not have been able to adjust their content on their digital signage screens quickly to ensure they responded in real-time to the situations. This is also vital for essential retail as they will need to reshape the way they manage their stores as well as the need to ensure they provide an immersive customer experience.

Covid signage

Lesson 2: Adopting a New Way to Interact with your Customers

As we have illustrated the pandemic affected many areas of retail resulting in changes to how customers interacted with stores. The trendy new interactive kiosks were being avoided by customers as they seek the method of payment with the least touch. Retailers had to think fast and embrace contactless payment applications, to ensure customers could carry out a transaction with as little or no contact. Having technology that was ready to support this change and access to applications that could deliver a contactless experience was a necessity.

Lesson two, ensuring as a business you can respond to customer requirements and demands is critical to your success. You need to be able to analyse behaviour to see what customers are using and what they are avoiding so that you can adopt a new way to interact with them.

Lesson 3: The Power of Integrated Mobile Stock Management

As the Government encourages the limitation on the number of trips to the shops it is important customers have everything they need when they visit. Having a clear picture of your stock levels available to your in-store colleagues in real-time will ultimately enhance the customer experience, resulting in customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. The other benefit is you will have a clear stock position delivering immense cost savings.

A mobile stock management solution will transform your in-store stock operations with minimal intervention. But once you have it the opportunity is far greater, arming your in-store colleagues with a device that helps them do their job more effectively. Having the ‘store in their hand’ with information and knowledge helping to serve customers along with real-time stock accuracy and the ability to carry out a gap walk and much more.

Integrating your mobile stock management solution with digital signage can ensure customers are not disappointed. When a product is out of stock you can action new content to be pushed to your in-store screens avoiding promoting products that are out of stock. On the other hand, if you have surplus stock you can adjust and promote the product to increase purchasing.

Lesson three, opting for an integrated mobile stock management solution will provide you with the flexibility to push messages about stock levels in real-time to ensure customer satisfaction whilst transforming your back-office operations.

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It is time for retailers to Rethink, Retune, Regain your Business with Digital Technology

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