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6 Ways to Streamline your Store to Reduce Costs

To ensure the survival and relevance of stores retailers need to take action to overcome the new business realities. We share 6 ways retailers can streamline costs and enhance the customer experience by exploiting innovative and low-cost digital, mobile and cloud solutions.

As we have seen in recent months the change in consumer habits and expectations have accelerated with a rise in online spending and the need for differing approaches to serving and interacting with customers. Throughout this experience evidence shows customers still value the store, but are demanding things to change and therefore getting it right is of paramount importance.

Firstly, it is vital stores reduce costs to enable survival, secondly they need to look at how they service their customers. Before the industry was faced with the impact of Covid-19 digital was influencing the way shoppers bought and retailers had begun to look at ways or even begun to implement changes to how stores operate.

During the months when essential retailer were open and then the subsequent reopening of all retail we saw an influx of projects being accelerated or new projects springing up to meet a here and now demand. Our solutions are quick to implement whilst ensuring they support a retailers journey. Our portfolio of solutions add real value to a retailer instantly, whilst helping them evolve on a digital journey.

Core to our portfolio is that our solution suite is flexible as it integrates with existing legacy systems and is hardware independent enabling you as a retailer to enter at the point that will deliver real benefit in the quickest time, but with the ability to continue to add and build to the portfolio utilising the same platform and hardware.

1 Stock Management

Getting the stock conundrum right, having stock, reducing waste and knowing where stock is can provide magical savings to your bottom line. Our stock management solution is a cost-effective mobile solution that can reduce costs and increase productivity for your store stock management. Utilising the latest mobile and digital technology provides your store colleagues with everything they need to manage stock all in their hand. Our mobile stock management solution enables store colleagues to count stock, have visibility of stock balances, check orders due for delivery all in an intuitive solution on a mobile device. Minimal intervention resulting in spending less time on operations to deliver customer service and enhance brand loyalty.

Ensuring your business has a stock management solution that provides you with:

Real-Time Stock Accuracy – The technology updates sales quickly and compares them to stock levels to generate more accurate orders for replenishment. The solution automatically responds to faster selling items, seasonal promotions and slower moving stock. Having real time stock will result in huge cost and efficiency savings as you will have the right amount of stock available to your customers at the right time, with your in-store colleagues being aware of your delivery dates and stock levels. By having the correct products in-store at the correct time ultimately creates brand loyalty as you are able to provide your customers with what they want and need when they want it. By simply reducing the amount of stock you hold you are saving money and reducing wastage.

Facilitates a New Way of Working – It doesn’t stop at stock management. You can maximise your investment and enable your in-store colleagues to transact sales, facilitate payments, access sales views, maintain all important attributes of a product, stock count, check order deliveries and much more with one device.

With your in-store colleagues having all these processes and this information at their fingertips they will be able to provide your customers with a higher level of customer experience. Your in-store colleagues will be able to flip from one action to another in a matter of seconds. This flexibility changes the way you interact with your employees and customers.

2 Creating Retail Theatre – More than a Screen

Our digital signage solution provides you with the ability to not only increase sales, but to enhance brand loyalty with an immersive customer experience. Grab your audiences attention with exciting visuals and videos to bring your brand to life, as well as being able to update your customers with real-time information in a visual way.

Crucial for retailers to understand is that the delivery of a digital solution is much more than a screen. We offer a fully managed service with centralised content and device management. We consider the housing of the screens, plus consider how retrofit projects delivers a screen that looks part of the original design. Our expertise in providing a solution and not hardware ensures you deliver value to your stores and customers.

Digital signage can help to manage new ways of working due to Covid-19 aiding retailers to conduct business effectively and safely, making sure new health guidance is adhered to. Digital signage can instantly deliver important information clearly and accurately to your customers, help monitor queues inside and outside stores and provide wayfinding and navigation.

Covid signage

3 Customer Engagement

Engaging and communicating with your customers has never been so important to ensure you stand out from the crowd and instil brand loyalty. Customers want to feel valued and want to feel safe in your stores. By using guest WiFi you can provide key messages to customers, aid navigation around your stores, promote products, deliver services that use to be face-to-face, run loyalty programmes – you know your customers and what they value, we have the solution with the flexibility to deliver the service that will give you exceptional customer service. With the addition of location analysis you can truly begin to understand your customers and their behaviour in-store. Ensuring you are relevant and provide a personalised service that is wanted will ensure you excel.

Now more than ever being able to connect and send messages to your customers is key. Our solutions enable you to offer a warm digital welcome, provide offers or help with virtual queueing.

You will be able to see what products are more popular with your customers so that you can alter your advertising to these insights, by either sending them special offers to increase basket size or entice them to come back and shop with you again, rather than your competitors. This ultimately helps to boost brand loyalty and sales.

4 Transform your POS

Need a flexible solution to enable transactions to take place anywhere? Consider a POS solution that provides you with more flexibility that can be implemented on an android device and managed remotely. Have POS functionality within a click and a swipe away from other store applications. By transforming your POS solution you will be able to service your customers in a new way, providing you with a fully mobile solution in every way therefore freeing up your in-store colleagues to be able to serve your customers more efficiently and responsively from anywhere in the store. This will allow you to take control of your store operations resulting in time and cost savings, while enhancing your customer experience.

5 Revolutionise Payments

Contactless payments have soared over the past few months. With businesses and customers all reducing the use of cash having a versatile payment solution is critical for retailers. Our mobile payment solution incorporating pin-on-glass technology can be implemented on an android device revolutionising the way you accept payments. Ensure your business has an end-to-end solution that delivers integrated secure contactless and mobile payments, while revolutionising your customer experience.

6 Frictionless Store Connectivity

Fundamental to any store digitalisation programme is reliable, robust connectivity. Our network and WiFi expertise delivers exemplary connectivity to your store colleagues and customers. By ensuring your stores have reliable WiFi you will be able to gather valuable information about your customers via their mobile devices. Having our applications and system integrations you will be able to unlock relevant insights and business intelligence which allows you to get to know your customers more easily.

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