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Enhancing the customer experience

At Trust Systems, we specialise in helping Retail, Hospitality and the Public Sector improve in-store and on-site customer engagement. Having the ability to offer real time promotions and seeing customers preferences, it allows us to give tech-savvy consumers an enhanced shopping experience and help increase sales.


In today’s omnichannel landscape, companies need to improve their in-store and onsite experience for increasingly tech-savvy consumers. With the well documented success of e-commerce, customers are now expecting the same personal digital experience in bricks and mortar.

TrustCloud for Retail can enhance the in-store shopping experience and find new opportunities to meet these demands and appeal to customers who prefer self-guided shopping and gives real time information on products, sizes available and targeted offers unique to each customer. This gentle nudge often leads to a purchase and the solution also supply data to the associates on the sales floor and gives them a comprehensive view of each customers product preferences.



TrustCloud for Hospitality gives hotels or theme parks the ability to communicate in real time to improve their guest experience.

Trust Cloud For Dealerships gives a better in-store customer shopping experience for the tech-savvy buyer by connecting to the smart device to give a richer experience. With better communication with your customers you will increase sales, increase efficiency and reduce lost sales due to sales leakage.

Aerohive cost effective Wi-Fi enables their customers to simply and confidently connect to the information, applications, and insights they need to thrive. Their simple, scalable and secure platform delivers mobility without limitations.

  • Self-organising access points that eliminate single points of failure
  • Effortlessly grow from a single access point, to hundreds of thousands
  • Easily manage and support thousands of access points from a single, cloud-based management platform ‎


Upgrade and Enhance

Upgrade and Enhance

Realising the best return on your previous investments, we will help upgrade and enhance your existing infrastructure.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs and improve business efficiency with a choice of "on" and "off" premise managed services. We work with your team to design the right fit both technologically and financially.

Retail Centric New Solutions

Retail Centric New Solutions

We are constantly on the look for cutting edge solutions for Retail. IoT is a major focus for us and we have found some fantastic solutions to transform your business.