Journey to Success – Transforming your Business Model

Above is how Trust see the journey to success in your retail business. The starting point can be anywhere based on where you can deliver the most value to your customer and therefore to your business. From here you can continue on the journey and build, build, build business benefits. In this mini-series leading from our latest Thought Leadership Guide: Surviving to Thriving – How Retailers can Transform to Excel, we will be delving deeper into the three key areas. Transforming Customer Experience, Transforming Operational Processes and Transforming Business Model. In this guide, we will be focusing on Transforming your Business Model.

There is no escaping the need to manage costs and improve performance. Technology can unlock opportunities to take control of your store operations and improve your performance. A reliable POS and Payment platform is a vital element to any store. Is your current solution flexible enough to meet the demands of today’s environment? How much does it cost you? Is it fully mobile? Does it support the ever-evolving methods of payment?

Traditionally these solutions can be costly, inflexible and time-consuming to secure and manage. A modern, flexible mobile POS and Payment solution based on Android can result in a reduction in cost and time; whilst enhancing the user and customer experience. It can also revolutionise the way you interact with your customers, enabling consultative and personalised shopping experiences.

Digital technology opens the doors to vast opportunities to enhance your business. But with the exciting technology available how do you choose? Choose the technology that will help you stand out by personalising and surprising your customers and empowering your in-store team.

Remember technology is a tool that you should utilise and not something that should restrict you. Keep in mind your customer of today, but choose technology that allows you to move forward to the future needs and requirements of your customers, stores, online business. Read more…

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