Crown Hosting

Who are Crown Hosting?

Crown Hosting Data Centres Limited is a unique joint venture between the Cabinet Office and Ark Data Centres dedicated to serving the Public Sector. Together they are the trusted partner of the UK Government delivering increased efficiency, improved value, and transparency of Data Centre Services. Crown Hosting bring the Government assurance, integrity and capabilities of the Public Sector, unified with the speed of execution and flexibility of the Private Sector.

Value for money

  • Simple, standard HMG contract
  • Flexible contract period
  • Low cost irrespective of volume/size
  • Inter data centre communications already in place
  • Dedicated government capacity in place
  • Benchmarked
  • Average £3 commercial saving* for every £1 spent by our Public Sector customers
  • No expensive procurement process
  • Due diligence completed
  • Accredited sites

Reduction in risk profile

  • Dedicated data halls for public sector use only
  • Risk redundancy – Tier 3+ Data Centres for cooling and power
  •  Assured secure service
  •  OFFICIAL as standard
  • Assured by NCSC advisor, underpinned by CPNI
  • High speed data centre interconnect at low cost
  • Redundancy – dual campuses with multiple data centres

Sustainability and social value

  • 75% typical reduction in electricity used by relocated services*
  • 99.9% typical reduction in carbon emissions from relocated services*
  • Electricity provided by renewable sources (REGO backed)
  • Use of fossil fuels for back-up power being phased out by the end of 2023
  • Wild areas, woodlands, ponds and beehives on-campus
  • Committed to the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact
  • Committed to supporting HMG to achieve Carbon Net Zero


  • Agnostic to your service providers – preventing lock in
  • Guaranteed high fixed efficiency and high density
  • Low cost additional services
  • Intelligent Hands – reduce requirement for on-site staff at competitive rates

Ease of use

  • Efficient to implement
  • Ability change without compromising data or infrastructure
  • Proven move-in ready solution
  • 24/7 Intelligent Hands Service

Route to the cloud

  • On site G-Cloud IaaS providers
  • Move legacy now and evolve to the Cloud when you are ready
  • Ability to exercise Termination for Convenience
  • Options for both public and private virtualisation