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Release the power of secure guest WiFi to connect your customers automatically and securely to expand your customer engagement

Fill the offline gap of the digital customer journey with our customer enterprise WiFi. Our solution supports your business need to grow your customer loyalty and spend.

If you want to enhance your customer experience with enterprise WiFi, we can get you up and running quickly. We can deliver the right Guest WiFi solution for you and your customers, regardless of your existing technology and infrastructure.

We understand the challenges of acquiring new customers, understanding their offline behaviors, identifying the ideal audience, sending the right message at the right time and growing customer lifetime value. Guest WiFi not only delivers a service to your customers it enables you to connect, engage and gather intelligence to support the customer experience. 

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86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience *



Drive Revenue with Location-Based Marketing

Gain visibility over your customer offline behaviours to help you identify your preferred segment to target. Finally, have the ability to deliver relevant messages and keep a track of your business performance and your marketing impact.

Secure Guest WiFi that Connects Customers Automatically and Securely

Offer risk-free and friction-free secure Guest WiFi which can pre-activate customers before they visit your locations. Our Guest WiFi is compliance with privacy regulations for peace of mind.

Gather Insights Through WiFi Analytics

Discover when and how long your customers stay at your locations, as well as understanding how they react to your communications to help you drive your marketing strategy. To enable you to deliver perfectly-tailored communications at the right moment.

Convert your Guest WiFi into an Asset that Brings Value to your Business

Enrich your WiFi experience with real-time smart content – such as surveys, promotional coupons and advertising. Plus, deliver custom on-site experiences, that will keep your customers spending with you.

How it works

Customer Acquisition and Profiling

Sign up customers who have access to your WiFi, by creating a quick and easy-to-use WiFi splash page and adding customers in your location to your subscriber lists while they are accessing your WiFi. Define and promote reward programs to increase sign-up rate.

With this insight, you will be able to know how your customers behave in order to enhance their customer journey. With a 100% consent-based approach, discover their habits, interests and where they have been. Enabling you to develop a true view of your customers to help you target them.

Customer Segmentation

Be able to group customers based on their behaviours, demographics and so much more, so you can target the perfect offline segment with messages that resonate and inspire action, and discover similarities and differences between offline and online audiences. This will help you target customers more effectively and improve conversion.

Proximity Messaging

Real-time proximity marketing is a great way to increase footfall and ultimately drive sales by creating impactful multi-channel welcome journeys to strike a positive first impression that keeps customers spending with you. As well as being able to send timely, relevant messages when customers enter your location, when they visit a specific area or when they stay for a certain amount of time. These provide you with valuable opportunities to interact with your customers, win back customers that might be on their way out, or reach customers that are nearby your locations.

Behavioural Messaging

Deliver perfectly targeted messages that drive customer loyalty, foot traffic and revenue by having the ability to send targeted messages to customers based on real-time activity. Stay in touch with your most loyal customers to keep them engaged and shopping. You will also have the opportunity to communicate with customers that have visited you, however, didn’t make a purchase, re-engage with them by sending them targeted messages that will interest them to come back and spend with you.


Fill the offline gap of the digital customer journey

Innovate and reach new heights with how you connect with customers.

Splash Pages
  • Create Splash Pages in line with corporate branding
  • Template variety (easy-to-customise)
  • Optimised mobile experience
  • Media and active content
  • Multi-language support
  • Portal offline preview
  • Customisable domain
  • Simplify Guest WiFi onboarding by offering with multiple login options
  • Social and Gmail login
  • Click-through with custom input fields
  • Username/password
  • Automatic authentication of returning users
  • User account validation by email, text message or though a sponsor
  • Define the policies to use your guest WiFi
  • Time or traffic allowance per session
  • Recurring or one-time policies
  • Access code management for self-provisioning process
  • Pay-per-use service support with online payments
  • Control of plan bandwidth
  • Extend the capabilities of your guest WiFi with advertising, surveys, coupons, video advertising and social media marketing
  • Seamless integration with third-party systems, including payment services, text message sending, sender’s email customisation, contact list synchronisation and collaboration platforms.
  • Design the best WiFi experience
  • Access Journey
  • Kiosk
  • Easily manage the WiFi users
  • User list
  • Self-care portal
  • Connection logs
  • Troubleshooting logs
  • User list export
  • Own the data you collect over guest WiFi
  • Company’s ownership
  • Monitor guest WiFi usage across multiple locations
  • New vs. returning users
  • Sign-up methods
  • Users/impressions/connections/traffic by time of day and day of week
  • Impressions/connections/traffic by user
  • Custom reports
  • Get an in-depth understating of WiFi users
  • Acquisition sources
  • Touch points and validated touch points
  • Marketing opted-in users
  • Breakdown by demographics (gender and age)
  • Breakdown by geo (country and language)
  • Breakdown by device (type and model)
  • Breakdown by operating system
  • Custom reports
  • Integrate into third-party systems
  • User profile APIs
  • Guest WiFi APIs
  • Network inventory APIs
  • Troubleshooting logs APIs
  • Connections logs APIs
  • Service provisioning APIs
  • Send real-time notifications about guest WiFi events
  • Sign-up
  • Login
  • Publish custom web content during the login process or on the dashboard
  • Context enrichment
  • Web SDK
  • Leverage your mobile app to improve on-site experiences
  • WiFi onboarding functions
  • Android and iOS support
  • Simplify the guest WiFi management
  • One single, cloud-based dashboard
  • Multiple locations
  • Multi-level management
  • Multi-role management
  • Multiple managers per account
  • Customisable domain of dashboard
  • WiFi hardware independence
  • Fully customise the services
  • Support for international settings
  • Customisable service communications
  • Customisable policies (Privacy
  • Policy, Terms of Use, Promotional Communications)
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